For Undergraduate Students:

The College of Engineering will be running a pilot program of the Amazon Appstream virtual computing environment that will continue through the 2023-2024 Fall Semester. 

Appstream allows you to login to a virtual desktop Windows PC environment from many different types of devices from a PC to Mac to Chromebook and run Windows applications in Appstream using the power of the virtual machine in place of your own.

This pilot will evaluate Appstream as a resource to help engineering students complete their assignments/projects even if their computer does not meet the Engineering computer requirements, or if they need to use another system for some other reason, such as their main computer being offline.

We are looking for participants interested in this pilot program. Please fill out the following survey, linked below, to provide us with some background information regarding your current computer and university status.

If selected you will need to regularly login to Appstream and use the programs installed on it, as well as provide feedback regarding your experience using Amazon Appstream.  Thank you very much for your time and support; we look forward to hearing from you.

Notice: You will not be granted access to the system until your Engineering Software Bundle has been billed and paid for near the beginning of Fall 2023 semester. 

Once the semester gets going, we will offer support via email, Zoom, and other means as needed. 

Contact the Engineering Technology Team at 540-231-9076 or for more information.