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Additional Software Available to Engineering Undergraduates

Many Software Packages are used in Engineering Programs at Virginia Tech.

Peruse the following table for an idea which software is used in your department and how to acquire/purchase and download it. 

Software Name Departments using How to Get Software
Abaqus AOE Abaqus Free Learning Edition
Acrobat Reader Adobe  AOE, ME Adobe Free Version
Adobe Acrobat DC BSE, CEE, MLSoC VT Purchase as part of Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Purchase monthly subscription
AggFlow CEE  
Android Studio CS Android Studio Free Download
Ansys AOE, CEE, ME Ansys Student Free Download
Ansys/Fluent  AOE, CEE, ME  
ARCgis PRO, ArcGIS 10.5.1 ESRI CEE VT Pre-paid Student License
Arduino IDE 2 CEE Arduino Free Download
Astos  CEE  
AutoDesk AutoCad CEE Autodesk Free Student License
Autodesk Civil3D CEE Autodesk Free Student License
Autodesk Design Review Autodesk   CEE Autodesk Free
Autodesk Raster Design Autodesk   CEE Autodesk Free Student License
Autodesk Revit 2024, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure CEE, MLSoC Autodesk Free Student License
Bentley Microstation 8 CEE. MLSoC  
Bentley RAM Connected Standalone 11.1 Bently  CEE. MLSoC  
Bentley RAM Elements 14 Bentley  CEE, MLSoC  
Bentley RAM Structural System 5 Bentley  CEE, AOE, MLSoC  
Bentley SewerGems 8 Bentley  CEE, Others  
Bentley Staad Foundation 4 Bentley   CEM  
Bentley STAAD.PRO Connect Edition 21   CHE  
Bentley StormCad 5.06 Bentley  CS  
Bentley WaterCad 8 Bentley   CS  
Biowin 5 Envirosim LTD.   ENGE  
BlueBeam General, MLSoC  
BlueJ General Free Download
Carlson Mining    
CATME General VT Engineering Bundle
Corpscon 6 USACE   MME  
Eclipse CS, MME, CEE, BSE Free Eclipse Download
Endnote MME, Others VT Endnote Download (Login Required)
Everseries Pavement Programs 4 WSDOT  MSE  
Autodesk Fusion360 General, MLSoC Autodesk Free Student License
Google Chrome  Google  General  
Google Drive for Backup storage  General  
Google Earth 7.3 Google    Google Earth Free Download
Granta CES Edupack   VT Purchase for Student License
Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) 10.4 GMS   CEE, Others  
HEC-HMS (Hydrologic Modeling System) USACE HEC   CEE  
HEC-RAS (River Analysis System) USACE HEC   CEE  
Highway Capacity Software HCS+T7F 5.4 UF   CEE  
Java CS JAVA Free Download
LabView AOE,ME VT Purchase for Student License
Loop-Pro CHE  
LTSpice   LTSpice Free Download
Maestro AOE  
Magma5 MSE  
MAPTEK PointStudio MME  
MathCad 15 & Prime  AOE  
Mathematica AOE, CEE, ME, Others VT Pre-paid Student License
MATLAB ENGE, CEE, AOE, ME, Others VT Engineering Bundle
MCS Nastran AOE  
MCS Patran AOE  
Microsoft Access General VT Undergraduate Bundle
Microsoft Office All VT Undergraduate Bundle
Microsoft Project General, MLSoC VT Engineering Bundle
Microsoft Visio General, MLSoC VT Engineering Bundle
MiniTab MSE VT Purchase for Student License
Model Center AOE  
NavCad AOE  
Orca3D (Rhino Plugin)  AOE  
Origin MSE,ME  
Passer V 5.3 Passer  CEE  
PDF Annotator General VT Engineering Bundle
Pharos Pharos (Pay-per-print)  General  
Pointwise  AOE  
Primavera P6 CEM  
Primavera Project Planner 16.1 Primavera      
Python Anaconda MLSoC, ISE  
R 3.3.1 R Foundation for Statistical Computing General, ISE R for Statistical Computing Free Download
R Studio MLSoC, ISE R Studio Free Student Dowload
Respondus Lockdown Browser CS, Others Instructions to Download Respondus Lockdown Browser at VT
Rhino AOE, MLSoC Rhino3D 90 Day Trial VT Purchase for Student License
@Risk (Palisades - Lumivero) ISE  
Rocksim  AOE  
SAS JMP Pro General, MLSoC VT Engineering Bundle
Satellite Tool Kit (STK)  AOE  
Siemens NX AOE, 3000, 4000 lvl classes,ME Siemens NX Student Edition Free Download
Simio ISE  
SOLIDWORKS General, ENGE, AOE, ME,Others VT Engineering Bundle
StarCCM+  AOE  
Super Pro Design BSE  
Surpac MME  
Talpac MME  
Tecplot AOE,ME  
Thermo-Calc MSE Thermo-Calc Free Educational Package
TRANSYT-7F (McT7F9) 11.33 McTrans   CEE  
Vensim ISE  
VenTSim MME  
Visual Studio Code AOE, CS, MLSoC Microsoft VS Code Free Download
Visual Studio CE  AOE  
XCode CS Apple XCode Download